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Over the years Eyler’s Valley Chapel has been the setting for many weddings and many more requests.

If you are interested in having your wedding at the chapel ask yourself this question.  Why do I want to get married at the chapel?

If you say because it is a beautiful romantic setting; then I suggest you go to a golf course or perhaps a state park. They are beautiful settings.  We are a church that just happens to be in a lovely part of God’s creation. 

Perhaps you will say it is important to get married in a church.  Well what church do you worship at now?  If you don’t, then the real question should be; if church is not important to you normally, why is it important for your wedding? 

If you say you are looking for a special place where Christ can be the center of your wedding and the sustainer of your wedding vows then we want to help make your wedding day as close to perfect as possible.

Some frequently asked questions.

The chapel will hold 70 to 80 people comfortably and for a wedding a maximum of 90.  While there is no electricity, there is heat for the months needed.  Restroom facilities are primitive.  Since we use candles and unvented propane heaters, anyone with respiratory difficulties should take appropriate precautions. 

For music, we have a pump (foot treadle) organ and if you know someone who can play one they are welcome to.  If you would like, the chapel knows several local organists who, schedule permitting, could play. 

We buy candles by the case so unless you have a need for a special kind of candle you do not need to buy any.  If you look at one of the pictures of the front of the chapel you will notice there are two doors.  There is no center aisle only the two side aisles inside the doorways.  We charge a set fee for the use of the chapel, and funds go to those with legitimate needs or to a mission.

You will need your own minister.   Your minister must meet all the requirements of the State of Maryland and must be a minister of the Christian faith.  We will ask to speak to your minister so we can explain the logistical duties. (Lighting candles, etc.)

These are some basic rules that apply to anyone using the chapel. 

  • There is no smoking inside the fenced in chapel grounds and there are to be no alcoholic beverages anywhere on the property including the parking lot. 
  • We ask that you not throw rice because it is hard to clean up and easy to slip on. 
  • All decorations must be removed from the chapel after the ceremony.